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Debates surrounding the proposed Cape Coast airport and matters arising: My Take


On Saturday, August 22, 2020, the decision New Patriotic Party (NPP) dispatched its 2020 Manifesto at the University of Cape Coast. During the service, different speakers tended to the social occasion, promoting the accomplishments of the decision Government and giving features of the gathering’s formative plan for the following four years when reappointed.

Without a doubt, the idea of those discourses from that point forward has been the declaration made by the Vice President and the officeholder President’s running mate, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, such that the following NPP government would build up an air terminal in Cape Coast.

Despite the fact that the Vice President additionally discussed the structure of a harbor in Cape Coast, very little commotion has been made with respect to that proposition. This implies there is a wide acknowledgment of that thought. All things considered, Ghana has two significant harbors situated in Tema and Takoradi thus a third one won’t be strange, and Cape Coast appears to be an ideal spot to find it. Subsequently, while there is by all accounts very little contradiction with respect to the foundation of a harbor at Cape Coast, there is a ton of discussion at present on the proposed air terminal for Cape Coast.

As I would see it, the debate encompassing the proposed Cape Coast Airport is a result of two principle factors. One, just before the Vice President’s declaration, the President was met at ATL FM of the University of Cape Coast and asked whether Cape Coast would get an air terminal and he had addressed that it would rely upon need evaluation and solicitation.

The President’s reaction and manner during the meeting didn’t demonstrate to numerous that he upheld the possibility of an air terminal for Cape Coast. Accordingly, the declaration by his Vice President overwhelmed numerous onlookers. True to form, some Ghanaians are making a political capital out of this, proposing either the President didn’t have a clue what was in the Manifesto or something else, the Vice President made that declaration spontaneously because of political convenience.

True to form, party communicators of the decision system have energetically safeguarded the President, contending the last would not like to part with the “mystery” before its declaration.

Two, I likewise feel that the inquiry on the psyches of numerous Ghanaians is whether during this season of Ghana’s turn of events, Cape Coast and Ghana besides, actually needs an air terminal. This is educated by the way that there are many trinket ventures specked the nation over that were worked with citizens’ cash and from that point forward not effectively utilize.

The Komenda Sugar manufacturing plant and the Ho Airport, some school and lodging offices, among others, promptly ring a bell. Subsequently, from the perspective of some Ghanaians, including social pundits and specialists, it is generally on this score of reasonability and utility that the conversations on the proposed Cape Coast Airport ought to be engaged.

As a resident of Ghana and not an observer, a glad indigene of the Central Region, and somebody who spent quite a bit of his school life and early working life as a minister in Cape Coast, I am keen on the continuous conversations on the proposed air terminal for Cape Coast and accordingly wish to impart my insight on this issue as follows.

Reactions Against the Proposed Cape Coast Airport

Up to this point, eminent reactions against the proposed Cape Coast Airport have originated from Mr. Kofi Bentil, Vice President of Imani-Africa, who says that despite the fact that he originates from Cape Coast, he feels that an air terminal in that city is a poorly conceived notion. Among others, Mr. Bentil contends that the financial plan for the proposed air terminal ought to be utilized to renovate and dualize the Accra-Cape Coast parkway.

He additionally places that traveling to Cape Coast will be additional tedious than driving there on a dualized street or riding a train. A fairly comparable analysis has additionally originated from one Dr. Yakubu Akparibo, a flying master, who believes that an air terminal in Cape Coast isn’t reasonable on the grounds that business flights, a significant part of feasible flying industry, won’t be accessible in Cape Coast. Plus, Dr. Akparibo contends further that there are very few money managers and ladies in Cape Coast who may belittle the administrations of an air terminal there.

As indicated by him, the Accra Airport is as of now large enough to deal with the volumes of air traffic showing up and leaving Ghana thus there will be no overflows to reroute them to Cape Coast, for instance.

It is accounted for that some Cape Coast indigenes themselves have said they need occupations and not an air terminal as though the activity and administrations of an air terminal don’t make occupations for individuals. Yet, be it as it might, one can say that the reactions against the proposition to fabricate an air terminal in Cape Coast focus principally on the last’s closeness to Accra which has Ghana’s significant air terminal, the dread that the air terminal may not be disparaged on account of “absence of money managers and ladies” who will require its administrations and the likelihood that a dualization of the Accra-Cape Coast expressway will encourage a simpler, quicker and more helpful drive between the two urban areas.

Backing for the Proposed Cape Coast Airport

The best ally of the proposed air terminal thought is the who made the declaration, the Vice President himself. Talking on the Kokrokoo program on Peace 104.3 FM in Accra on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the Vice President defended the requirement for an air terminal in the old capital. As per him, the travel industry potential in Cape Coast among numerous different components legitimize the requirement for an air terminal in the Central Regional capital.

Past the Vice President, remarkable help for the proposed air terminal has likewise originated from Mr. Kojo Yankah, Founder and President of the Africa University College of Communications (AUCC), Accra. Mr. Yankah, who served already in Cape Coast as the Central Regional Minister, states among others, that motivations behind the travel industry legitimize the requirement for an air terminal in Cape Coast, guaranteeing that he will do a full review later to state more explanations behind supporting the proposition.

There is no uncertainty that the two previously mentioned places of analysis and backing that have welcomed the proposition to manufacture an air terminal in Cape Coast will keep on being a topic of a lot of discussions and conversations in the nation for quite a while to come.

My Position on the Proposed Cape Coast Airport

One, I have a favorable opinion of the contention encompassing the proposition has come about due to the period wherein we are. This year is a political race year and consequently numerous individuals accept that the declaration to assemble an air terminal in Cape Coast was made just to win the help and votes of the individuals of Cape Coast and the Central Region besides. Defenders of this view refer to the President’s reaction to the topic the earlier night on ATL FM to legitimize their position. Methinks that what Ghanaians must request from the decision party is whether this thought is caught high contrast in the NPP 2020 Manifesto, and if truly, regardless of whether and how this task will take care of into the general plan for the improvement of Cape Coast, the Central Region and the country all in all, just as how this proposed venture will be supported.

Two, as I would see it, I likewise believe that a portion of the reactions leveled against the air terminal proposition are feeble and most definitely, outlandish. For instance, the contention that Cape Coast needs occupations in excess of an air terminal is basically crazy.

The two are not totally unrelated. An air terminal development offers work chances to endless quantities of individuals, including bricklayers, craftsmans, circuit repairmen, handymen, and so on., while a real activity of an air terminal offers occupations to incalculable quantities of individuals including pilots and flight group, chaperons, freight handlers, tagging officials, drivers, janitors, administrators of blessing and keepsake stores, inn chiefs and some more.

As per Angela Gitten, Director General of Airports Council International (ACI), “Air terminals have advanced from foundation suppliers to complex organizations that produce impressive business improvement well past their edges. The grounds encompassing air terminals have become central focuses for a scope of financial exercises that blossom with significant distance availability.” The proposed air terminal could be a core of much required financial advancement of Cape Coast whenever arranged well.

Also, the development of an air terminal and its activity doesn’t imply that all other business creation roads have stopped. I don’t imagine that any right-figuring Government will expect that developing an air terminal in a specific town or Region is the panacea to such Region’s joblessness issues. That will be incomprehensible without a doubt.

Since 1992, the Central Region has been a significant decider in Ghana’s decisions, giving pioneers and votes to both the NPP and NDC, but then, openings for work for the individuals of Cape Coast and the Central Region, keep on staying slippery, and the Region unfortunately keeps on residual the fourth least fortunate locale in the nation. I believe that the structure and genuine activity of an air terminal in Cape Coast will give various business chances to the indigenes thus I am supportive of it as long as other work openings will be investigated and not be limited.

Three, I don’t feel that there are hardly any financial specialists and ladies in Cape Coast who may belittle the utilization of the air terminal as some have proposed. Additionally, air terminals on the planet and in Ghana, so far as that is concerned, are not disparaged distinctly by financial specialists and ladies. Instructors, understudies, medical caretakers, office laborers and different experts, sightseers, among others, all utilize air terminals. Furthermore, tells air terminals are not made just made for human travelers. Aircrafts likewise convey load thus the proposed Cape Coast Airport could turn into a significant center point additionally for flying payload, making occupations for ranchers and neighborhood organizations inside and past Cape Coast. Four, the contention that Cape Coast is near Accra and


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