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Ghanaian girls should have presidential role models too


What does a female President or Vice President intend to the young lady kid in Ghana?

It implies a ton.

For the most part, it implies something very similar that the male Presidents and Vice Presidents have implied and still mean to our kid kids: a good example they can relate to through sex and physical make-up, a wellspring of expectation and motivation that they can likewise become top pioneers when they try sincerely and are persevering, and an image of plausibility that a fantasy to lead Ghana or an association isn’t only a progression of musings repeating in their rest however something that can turn out to be genuine.

This is mostly why the arrangement of Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang as Running Mate to the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Flag Bearer, Mr John Dramani Mahama, for the 2020 December surveys, should mean something other than another notable accomplishment in our fair and human capital advancement ventures.

Regardless of our unmatched accomplishments in the region of vote based system and sociopolitical solidness, Ghana is yet to break the notorious unfair limitation that will permit a lady to possess the most noteworthy or the second most noteworthy places of the land – the President or the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

Until Prof. Opoku-Agyemang’s determination this year, the most essential of the necessities to turning into a President or a Vice President, which is by only endeavoring to involve that seat, had not been intensely made by the female sex.

The female Presidential or Vice-Presidential competitors before her were and are either from parties that had (have) always lost political force and additionally had (have) neglected to advance onto the polling station since 1992.

This isn’t useful for sex equity and value, the two words that may mean less in principle however everything in actuality.

From exploration to rehearse, it is bounteously evident that having more ladies pioneers at the head of political dynamic expands the quantity of ladies cooperation in governmental issues at the base and country working overall.

It additionally empowers more comprehensive choices from the top, something that is expected to help connect the financial hole and different wellsprings of differences between the male and the female sexual orientation, the north and the south separation and the wealthy and the poor in the nation.

Numerous women’s activist scholars likewise contend powerfully, and legitimately so that having more ladies in authority decreases the conceivable outcomes of contentions, political witch chasing and denials of basic freedoms in a general public.

Given the acidic and wrathful nature of our sociopolitical condition presently and the suggestions on the economy, there’s no repudiating that the nation needs that stabilizer of a lady chief now than at any other time.

It won’t just pull together our energies on the things that issue most – diminishing kid mortality, guaranteeing safe pregnancy and conveyance, dispensing with youth executioner infections, securing average sanctuaries and positions for the matured and the youthful consciously and by and large evening out open doors for all – it will likewise assist with dowsing the pointlessly blistering temperatures in our political space.

The case for a female President or a Vice President is significantly more powerful when one inspects the structure of the populace.

Past 57 percent of the populace being under 25 years right now, the greater part of Ghanaians are females. This underscores the mind greater part of the weak populace in the nation.

With majority rules system alluding essentially to a standard of the individuals, by the individuals and for the individuals, one asks why a country that has a bigger number of females than guys will permit the minority sex to keep on driving.

How majority rule would we be able to profess to be the point at which we have neglected to permit the sex condition, which is as significant in the numbers all things considered in catalyzing advancement, to show at the zenith of political administration for just about thirty years?

What is much all the more upsetting is the bounty of ability and initiative characteristics in the female sexual orientation similar to the case too with the male sex.

The discoveries of an investigation distributed in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on June 25, 2019, indicated that ladies had and shown preferable initiative characteristics over their male partners.

The investigation said ladies were evaluated as dominating in stepping up, acting with strength, rehearsing self-improvement, driving for results, and showing high trustworthiness and genuineness.

“Indeed, they were believed to be more compelling in 84 percent of the skills that we most oftentimes measure,” the examination uncovered.

Here in Ghana, ladies abilities proliferate, with Prof. Opoku-Agyemang and her perfect records as an instructor, the primary Vice Chancellor of a state funded college in Ghana and the Minister of Education, among others, being one of them.

As a result of long stretches of continued positive activism, the formation of equivalent chances and the purposeful, but inadequate strengthening of females, the nation is honored with an assortment of female abilities that can make incredible Presidents and Vice Presidents when given the help that their male partners have been getting this while.

What we currently need is a mental reorientation that will make us fully aware of the numerous advantages there are in having a lady President or a Vice President.

We have done well by having a female Chief Justice on two events and a Speaker of Parliament on one event. In any case, is that all that there is for the female sexual orientation to add to improvement?

While Prof. Opoku-Agyemang’s arrangement as a Running Mate might be uncommon, it has been long in coming, basically and for the more extensive reason that it serves, outside of the 2020 political mission season.

The nation, particularly people focused on us having presidential good examples for the young lady kid, should now battle together to complete it for the increases to be figured it out.

When ladies portrayal in dynamic is rising internationally, as proven by reports from the United Nations and the World Bank Group, Ghana has another chance to develop as an incredible supporter of balance through a female Vice President.

As she herself has said previously, what is important isn’t being the first to stroll through the entryway: What makes a difference is welcoming numerous others to go through and her history openly administration addresses this.

However, we can’t have our young lady youngsters stroll through an endeavor to-open entryway. They can just stroll through an opened entryway; one whose initial methods something beyond an open door for sexual orientation balance and ladies strengthening.


How fair would we be able to profess to be the point at which we have neglected to permit the sexual orientation condition, which is as significant in the numbers for what it’s worth in catalyzing advancement, to show at the zenith of political initiative for very nearly thirty years?

The creator is a money manager and altruist, with uncommon enthusiasm for ladies, youngsters and the oppressed. He’s the originator of the fallen Heritage Bank Ghana Limited.


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