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Hitches of Islamic economies in Ghana


Islam is immersed with orders that characterize how daily routine should be experienced. Its disciples hence recoil wholeheartedly without wincing from the lessons of Allah. All things considered, rehearsing Islam in our aspect of the world seems disturbing, comparative with different nations. Following a few perceptions, it would be very out of line to state that Islam is handily polished in Ghana.

The fact of the matter is any wrongdoing that Islam has restricted, it has on the other hand indicated a path by which its devotees would not fall afoul of that protest. For instance, Islam says don’t have sex. People have been requested to dress unobtrusively, and lower their looks. Besides, Islam says don’t loot, it has given yearly foundation to make it workable for individuals not to ransack. At the point when Islam guided us not to take or give monies out with intrigue, it proffered an answer for that impact. Obviously, this is absent among Muslims of Ghana. Our Islamic economies are wrecked. Subsequently making the act of Islam fairly awkward here. The beneath are somewhere in the range of hardly any worries for your examination.

Getting to Capital: Islam trusts in an average business — – benefit and misfortune. Has it ever happened to you the tempests that our young business people, and elderly people face at whatever point they need to begin a business or grow their exchange with an intrigue free advance? It is difficult. At the point when you go for a walk to a portion of the business sectors and organizations around, notwithstanding the gigantic populace our siblings in confidence (Christians) has, the edge between the quantity of Muslim entrepreneurs at Medina, Katamanto, Agbogbloshi market and so on., will never be that wide. How do a large portion of them access capital? It is terrifying.

The least of seriousness of getting an advance with intrigue is comparable to having intercourse with one’s own parent. Thusly, Muslims are in utter horror of protecting advances with intrigue. Lo, it is nothing a sweet strict incongruity, since we have credit giving organizations monitored by Muslims who give out advances and solicitation for a return. God has precluded contracting credits even at a 0.1% loan fee. Guaranteeing that credits are give out to new companies or existing advertisers at 0.0% financing cost has been given by the benevolent kindness of the Islamic Banking System. So puts like Egypt, Algeria, and a lot more where Islamic Banks exist are in an agreeable lead with regards to making sure about clean assets for a business. Interestingly, where might this sort of banking framework be found in Ghana? We are simply lost and fatigued in the wild, thus, protecting credits with intrigue is presently the new “halal”. No eyebrow is raised when the issue of getting to advances come to exposed. This is the most minimal ebb we have come, as Muslims who look for not for the aggregate improvement of all.

What might you say to Abdullah who, after finishing his 6th month probation, maybe acquiring 1500 cedi as pay — lesser than 300$, energetically needs to claim a vehicle to cross from home to work or potentially mostly draw in himself in the transportation business — Uber, Bolt or Yango, as another wellspring of salary, not to get a credit with intrigue and pay inside a three years time span? Since, it could take him five and exactly scarcely any months to spare towards this venture. This would even be conceivable on the off chance that he isn’t hitched and, have no wards.

Putting resources into the monetary prosperity of our kin is a tremendous compel, dissimilar to how sure energies are applied into reprimanding to disgrace the individuals who have veered from the method of Allah. We are energetically not chagrined, as regularly as it is stated, “every one for himself, God is for us all of us.” regardless of whether Hajia gets a credit of (500 cedi) with intrigue, it is among her and Allah. While this equivalent sum could even be lent to her by the close by Masjid at a free financing cost. Until we have perceived how our grannies are embarrassed by advance recuperation officials when they come to gather the monies claimed, at that point we would value the gravity of the current issue. It is extremely troublesome amortizing credits with intrigue.

Protection Policies: Almost all protection bundles (counting vehicle, life, medical clinic and all) that come your way (as a Muslim) may not be ideal in seeing Allah. It would be ideal if you it isn’t the method of reasoning behind some of them that is mischievous yet how and where those monies gathered from us end up — – that could be murkier. Envisioning an insurance agency has deducted a specialist 100 cedi month to month for more than fifteen years. This is acceptable by all accounts however one would quit grinning when he gets vaccinated that the cash is reinvested in another endeavors that spurn Allah’s guidelines for example credit giving establishments, alcoholic businesses and the rest. You could be rehearsing Islam without all the known “haramic” exercises, be that as it may, you might be unconsciously occupied with giving and taking monies with enthusiasm for very nearly fifteen years. Since our constitution has specified that these protection bundles must be maintained to, would it be advisable for us to plunk down and hold up without checking the realities and ensuring that it is ok for Muslims? This is the thing that we are discussing provided that your vehicle, home, mature age and whatchamacallit are not protected you would be confronted with hot interests. The main choice accessible ought not be streaming with all the fixings and anything; there should be another option, and we have it.

Venture: This may not be of a much concern since a few of us would state there are a few OK ways we could contribute our monies, and I would concur with them somewhat, just in the event that they would likewise concur that the truth varies. There are a heap of Muslims who actually have piece of monies lying lethargic in their ledgers. They are the individuals who are not hazard lovers, they would consequently wish not to wander into any business. Or maybe, they would draw in the bank to do as such for their sake. Obliviousness could assume a part in this, state fifteen years back however not today. What number of Muslims can beat their chest and state they are dispossessed of Fixed Deposits and Treasure Bills? Just a couple.

A large number of us have bought in to the previously mentioned speculation models to procure a sheltered benefit. Regardless of whether you are not intrigued, the quantity of messages you are probably going to get dumbfounding you to put into this modules are endless and tempting. All the more in this way, since it doesn’t need a ton of assets and vitality, any ‘swot’ or ‘pestle’ investigation to leave on these speculations, you would be all around refreshing at whatever point you are advised the sum you remain to harvest toward the finish of that agreement. It is asylum to put resources into it, right?

Fuming piercingly would not tackle the issue. Disgracing individuals who take advances and are hesitant about the savagery on intrigue and terrible economies won’t rescue the circumstance as well. What we have to improve choices to kill this ulcer in our middle. Much the same as how we thundered at the intrigue sprinkled our “momo” records to be eliminated. I trust we know that a portion of our kin do change over from Islam to other confidence as a result of a simple 100 cedi advance? Indeed, it is pertinent in our networks. Looking back, these are nearly not many proposed arrangements.

The Fear of Allah: Let us dread Allah out of adoration. Furthermore, be immovable. These senses would make sure that we do the correct things. Frequently than not, the more we get occupied with the insults of Allah, the more our organizations prosper so a few of us we are obfuscated by the exchange embellishments; benefit climbs and extension consequently we think timidly — that if Allah is irritated for what reason would He favor us plentifully? Let me separated this refrain from Quran 3:178. “What’s more, let not who doubt actually believe that since We expand their season of satisfaction it is better for them. We just broaden it for them with the goal that they may increment in wrongdoing, and for them is a mortifying discipline.” It is an ideal opportunity to abandon from the ridiculous situation.

The foundation of Islamic Bank: This ought to be brought to realization conveniently; it is probably the most secure approaches to counter-sidestep the troubles of rehearsing a sound Islamic economies in Ghana. I have heard on radio and TV that it is in the line. OK. That is glad news. All things considered, it has been similar to very nearly five years now. I need to inquire as to whether the pipelines are as spindly as the train line from Zabzugu to Katamanto. The origin has kept excessively long. Ideally, ‘we have the men’ in power to launch this venture. Hence, why the pause or it isn’t applicable?

Alliance of Rich men: The riches you have gained gets through your difficult work and Allah’s favors. It would be unreasonable to state that it is just by Allah’s Grace…you truly worked for it. As Muslims, we have been informed that the network likewise has a portion of that procured cash — and you would so concur with me. Presently, I wish you would all meet up under one umbrella and help push this awful financial obstacle discouraging us. You can shape a small bank, where individuals who have authentic business map and those with true concerns would come to be given a premium free credits. I know some of you might be doing this on individual level…please keep doing or even extend it, Allah could never allow your pocket to dry.

Formation of Islamic ‘Susu’: This methodology also could go far to help take care of the issue. I felt nostalgic referencing this. During our Senior and Junior high days at school, companions would consistently give you cash with the mentality that one cedi for two cedi. Some of the time you would settle the chief sum (one cedi) that you took however it is just requiring a fisticuff before the intrigue would be settled. All things considered, with regards to Susu, everybody remains devoted to it. We can build up this and make it an approach to take care of the issue. It should be possible in a couple of gatherings. Those with ‘what’s application’ gatherings, don’t restrict it to just home base and the various things. Start a day by day Susu, regardless of whether it is 30 cedi month to month, do it eagerly. A day would come that a benefactor would be out of luck, at that point it would use to help. The market ladies do it yet a portion of the monies contributed.


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