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When the doctors cast the first stone


To go around proliferating that Physician Assistants in Ghana are not very much prepared for which reason they should be administered by specialists is an affront to any judicious reasoning individual. I have heard gossipy tidbits and perused articles such that clinical specialists in Ghana, at any rate their lobbyists, are conspiring to make the doctor associate program as futile as could reasonably be expected. I experienced a structure marked by Dr, Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, the Director-General at the Ghana wellbeing administration, where he embraced that enlisted medical caretakers and network wellbeing attendants (huge numbers of whom don’t have a confirmation) would now be able to go on study leave to peruse BSc. Doctor assistantship.

There isn’t anything amiss with permitting wellbeing expert to progress in their expert fields. My concern, nonetheless, is that I experienced an investigation leave structure where a Senior Physician Assistant who had one of these equivalent specialists as his region head of wellbeing denying him the chance to likewise progress to turn into a clinical specialist. What is the distinction between a doctor right hand’s work and crafted by a clinical specialist? Possibly I am yet to discover yet the remark I read concerning why the senior doctor partner couldn’t advance to take the clinical course was just in light of the fact that the chief in his astuteness was of the view that the two courses were inconsequential.

Doctor Assistants take care of patients autonomously at their different work environments, be it at a wellbeing community, center or the medical clinic, and the patients they take care of are not dead. They are judicious simply like a financier, a cop or even a Judge and can see, explore, evaluate and allude cases to where they can be satisfactorily tackled. This is the equivalent even at encouraging clinics where teachers proliferate and M.Os battle to discover their feet during ward adjusts. So I can’t help thinking about why anybody so sensible would imagine that in light of the fact that P.As primarily serve in the towns their administration isn’t viable with what is finished by specialists thus can’t be conceded study leave to understand medication.

When Ghanaian clinical specialists start to murmur regarding other medical care experts whom they believe are not very much prepared, what are they really alluding to? It is safe to say that they are discussing an understudy who didn’t enter a foundation from SHS with at any rate 6As 2Bs or they essentially mean an individual who read Physician Assistantship in any authorize college be it in Ghana or outside Ghana and has gotten back to rehearse in Ghana?

Let us face it. I am a doctor Assistant essentially in light of the fact that I am not keen on being a clinical specialist. I think the specialists as opposed to sparing lives are more keen on being insatiable, egotistical or more all deceptive than they need to spare lives.

Indeed, even while in preparing, I could see that numerous Ghanaian specialists don’t have that base degree of insight that awards them the capacity to think as researchers. Let me reveal to you a couple of accounts of specialists I have experienced while still an understudy on clinical. I will inform you regarding an unfamiliar prepared Ghanaian specialist, a Ghanaian prepared specialist on housemanship and afterward a Ghanaian prepared specialist who is a Medical official.

At some point 2014 while I was as yet under preparing, I had the chance to be tutored by a Snr Ghanaian specialist. He was an Obstetrics and Gynecology pro and he had two of us to coach, a fourth-year clinical understudy from Ukraine and afterward myself a second-year Physician Assistant understudy. This snr specialist guided us for some time on how he was taking care of patients. How he took the objections inspected and offered drugs to suit the determinations. While amidst it, there was a crisis (from I assembled from the call he got) so he immediately got done with his last patient and left us in the workplace to take care of whoever comes yet to approach him where we don’t know.

Taking a gander at it soundly, the clinical understudy was higher ranking than me so I gave him the fundamental seat and took the side seat. Instantly a youngster was hurried in. Mother whined that the youngster was typically bothersome around evening time and gave us a few rashes that we analyzed. I saw a warmth rash, the small knocks encompassed by red skin on the kid’s back and around the neck. All together not cause it to appear as though we were two students, I watched all through. In any case, even without him asking what I likewise thought ought to be our mediation he immediately wrote Whitfield’s treatment and closed down. I later asked him what he analyzed and he said miliaria. I didn’t have a clue what it was at that point yet as quickly as time permits I went after my cell phone and understood that miliaria was equivalent to the warmth rash yet Whitfield’s was not the correct drug. The patient may have just taken as much time as is needed I understood it so I would not like to present a defense of it. All things considered, he was preparing to be a clinical specialist in Ukraine, perhaps their course readings vary.

The following experience I had was at no other spot than at the Tema General Hospital. This was where many house officials came to do their home activity. I won’t talk about how frivolous they could get with regards to their typical free lunch so let me simply talk about the cosmetics specialist I, sorry let me state we experienced there. This woman was an alum from KNUST clinical school. Whenever I saw her she was consistently on her cell phone shopping on the web for cosmetics, dresses and shoes however at whatever point she sees understudy PAs then she starts to misbehave. One day during ward adjusts at the crisis unit at a similar office she was asked by the senior clinical official to representative an oblivious or was it a semi-oblivious patient that was hurried in. I didn’t examine the envelope or what she may have written in there however exactly when she appear to have wrapped up anything she desired to compose at the patient’s bedside, she strolled hesitantly to my companion who was additionally a P.A understudy, to ask him what she should score the oblivious patient on the Glasgow Coma Scale. We were both stunned by then in light of the fact that to score anybody you simply don’t take a gander at them from a remote place and score them, you would need to let them react to various improvements and afterward score them in like manner. A couple of years back, after I had completed the program, I saw her on one of our prime TV slots giving a wellbeing converse with general society. At the time I realized her she was unable to try and arrange an introduction. I surmise from even such a horrendous starting she has now assembled the required certainty to do a wellbeing talk.

The latest and last experience that made me abandon attempting to decide the distinction between a specialist and Physician Assistant was with a youngster in a ward I had been doled out to. This kid was surged in with free bleeding stool which contained unimportant fecal issue. The kid was conceded by a clinical official and the underlying judgments were looseness of the bowels with a differential of gastroenteritis. I had kept dealing with the youngster for these conditions with the typical parenteral anti-microbials for over 24 hours however saw no indication of progress which was odd from the little and experience I had gotten from training. I further inspected the midsection of the 3-month-old kid and understood that there was more to what we were treating. I moved toward the clinical official who conceded the kid and requested that he visit the ward and conceivably rethink the youngster. The following day when I returned to the ward he had basically come to change the class of anti-microbials to a more powerful and costly one. He wasn’t one of the MOs who could utilize the ultrasound examine machine so I submissively moved toward the Medical Superintendent of the clinic to talk about the youngster. I gave him a concise history and finished up I was associating a case with intussusception. He straight away chuckled and inquired as to whether I recognized what I was discussing. Normal of me I grinned and disclosed to him I do. He actually didn’t trust me so I argued that he take a brief trip and see the youngster for himself yet he won’t and guided me back to a similar MO who had conceded the kid and came to change only the anti-infection agents. I revealed to him I had just done that and he has come to see and has not done any progressions aside from in the medicine. I turned out to be strong to such an extent that he at long last requested that I proceed to bring the youngster myself for him to look at in the method room since he wasn’t heading off to the ward. It didn’t mean a lot to me so I examined it with the mother and she followed me with the youngster to the methodology room. He watched the youngster as I laid him on the assessment table, endured his midsection and as common of specialists began getting some information about things I may not in any way, shape or form have done. “Did you do DRE” I didn’t answer that so he requested that I get him a few gloves and gel. Not to trouble you with the subtleties the youngster wound up that night on the venue seat. He was affirmed to have intussusception and nobody aside the kid’s overall who thought I was just a decent specialist valued my exertion. Not even the clinical official who just came to change the anti-infection agents came to apologize for not doing an intensive examination when I ask him to.

Awful Medical specialists are all over the place, unnecessary to make reference to the arrangement of episodes that have been accounted for in the media recently at the edge emergency clinic where there are no P.As. Also, I can proceed on this digression and even educate you regarding a partner in SHS who is presently a specialist that I have actually implied on what to compose on his paper in our last WASSCE Chemistry tests. Today he is likewise one of the individuals who think they are superhumans on the grounds that they have become specialists. Also, I am certain nearly everybody in Ghana knows an “idiotic” individual who by temperance of the amount they can pay entered the clinical school as either charge paying and traveled to another country and returned as a specialist and is rehearsing.

Yet, it shouldn’t be along these lines, specialists ought not lessen the clinical calling to the level where individuals in the training would need to disfavor and knocking each other as an approach to pick up predominance and addition financial favorable position from the administration. This doesn’t mend the patients that need the administrations of the wellbeing profe


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