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In pursuit of justice for a murdered but never to be forgotten pregnant woman


As I compose this, we know that a pregnant lady who went to chapel one day was purportedly tranquilized, headed to an area in the Eastern Region, held tight a tree, her infant cut out of her belly and beat in a mortar with two felines, and blood gathered from the cut belly, just for customs performed to invigorate one Ben Yorke’s congregation.

How would we know these? Fair Kennedy Agyepong and Kwaku Annan, the host of Net2 TV’s The Seat program, have openly been having some fantastic luck with a resolute assurance to uncover counterfeit ministers in Ghana.

Their main goal, somewhat starting in negligible allegations and counter-allegations about a solution for the novel Covid just as resulting reactions from Obinim, his significant other, and at any rate one female ally, have constrained a few of us to consider the conditions of our governing body, legal executive, and law implementation. Is it accurate to say that we are quiet over these articles of genuine violations since we think of them as finishes in themselves; or are uproarious, uber TV and radio tirades all we need in such awfully terrible claims of dehumanizing acts, torment, and manslaughters?

Where is the soundness in disregarding these disclosures when in actuality such phony ministers “effectively” anticipated the passing of a gifted artiste whose end stunned the country, coming full circle in internment and burial service customs similar to those befitting high-positioning state authorities?

In this article, I hypothesize that the resultant disclosures of murders, assault, and physical maltreatments to both human and creatures ought to have closed in captures for illegal tax avoidance and tax avoidance as well as for the wide range of various felonious behaviors. Why have admissions identifying with these horrendous occasions not been examined? How might anyone referenced in Manasseh Kwabena Boateng’s admissions, including he himself, not be under scrutiny for murders – for the fiendish and ruthless killings of the mother and her unborn kid?

Why have admissions of the utilization of date assault drugs been left uninvestigated? As a vote based sway with operational legal executive framework autonomous of the lawmaking body and obviously the presidential branch, for what reason do we appear to be unperturbed by the utilization of human skulls as far as anyone knows in Obinim’s customs? Or on the other hand as a country, do we rank violations of illegal tax avoidance and tax avoidance higher above human lives? Somewhere else, creature mercilessness would have been remembered for the charges.

On May 27, 2020, Kweku Annan began his show with an exposure of claims made to him to team up with his manager to have each of the one man possessed chapels shut down. Accordingly, he vehemently recommended their job was to make the disclosures of the dim activities of those holy places and that he rather anticipated his watchers – and called upon them – to brood over the disclosures, consider them broadly, and settle on the move to make.

He inferred that reaction with the affirmation that their expectation was just a mindfulness creation. This article is my affirmation of that challenge – I call for additional examination of the homicides, assault, and different crimes purportedly perpetrated by Obinim and his adherents, Ben Yorke and his supporters, and Demon Breaker and his devotees. Is any association keen on equity for the oppressed understanding this?

I have a few purposes behind taking the test by Kwaku Annan so genuinely. Both the good official and his host reliably caused to notice the degree to which the egotistical abuse of religion unfailingly blocked advancement in Ghana. They scrutinized the levelheadedness in Ghanaian ladies’ settled in and steadfast reliance on strictness, overlooking the truth that their perceptions inarguably validated the effective results of our social acts of which they and such ladies are items – we can’t accuse them!!

Up until now, two observers (Manasseh Kwabena Boateng and Michael Adu – otherwise known as Demon Breaker) who effectively partook in the supposed killings and assaults, have admitted to a portion of the demonstrations. On one of the shows, the good administrator unveiled that a female MP admitted to him that she had been an individual from York’s congregation for more than three years and in this way could affirm all the cases Manasseh and Breaker had made. This article asks one general inquiry and a couple of others: why have these not been explored to build up reasonable justification and ensuing arraignment?

In what manner would legislators be able to be learned of these outrages yet neglect to draw in the administrations of law requirement and the criminal equity framework in quest for equity for the killed casualties while possibly controling the maltreatments of weak ladies and youngsters? What else can our officials do – other than broadcast disclosures – to ensure ladies and kids whose weaknesses are obvious side-effects of the very structures, including the political, that upset their movement in social portability?

All through the disclosures, various unsuitable behaviors were unveiled. With the end goal of this review, I arrange the allegations into four directs: (a) flippant behaviors by ministers; (b) false monetary abuse of the strictness of Ghanaians without anyone else acclaimed ministers, “heavenly attendants,” and “religious administrators;” (c) common cases between the phony ministers and some congregation individuals, benefactors, or different residents; and (d) felonious criminal behaviors, including manslaughters, by these ministers. Except for class An, every one of these behaviors abuses a few segments of the criminal codes of this land, and they establish the basic role of this article.

For what reason was Obinim’s capture and resulting report to EOCO dependent on indicated occasions of illegal tax avoidance and tax avoidances, the two instances of criminal examinations prominently disengaged from the more genuine offenses of assault and murder?

Obinim was gotten on camera, depicting how his adherents or mentees could get affluent by giving infants, human fingers, placenta, and human skulls. The substance of such a video may not be adequate reason for feelings in murder cases. In any case, revelations by both Breaker and Manasseh of the awful physical attacks gave firsthand records of the awful intrigues and ceremonies by Obinim and other bogus prophets. Preceding Manasseh’s disclosures, Breaker revealed comparative events that certified disclosures by the previous. He depicted how Obinim arranged a dish of human placenta and skull and different spices for a Ghanaian minister situated in another West African nation.

Both humble inquisitors talked about the criminal demonstration of assault, which dehumanizes ladies more than everything else does. On his part, Demon Breaker vouched for the gross and offensive direct of assaulting his own sister per the solicitation of Obinim. He told watchers that he took that natural sister out for drinks and carried her back home to assault her around 11:45 p.m., which was the specific time Obinim taught him to do the detestable attack. His sister was a grown-up at that point, and she is lawfully competent just as has the privilege to squeeze charges; clearly, that would not happen, and it is reasonable. On the May 27 scene of The Seat broadcast, Manasseh admitted to the utilization of a date assault drug by different ministers to explicitly attack ladies.

On this show, he referenced how Bishop Nana Kyere utilized a Spanish fly assault drug, Spanish Flowers, to explicitly disregard a young lady who, till this date, experiences medicinally the attack. Who is that casualty never-endingly scarred from that assault? Did any of the numerous common freedoms or ladies’ support bunches endeavor to find her, to encourage her admittance to the rights and gravely required assets or help that she has been denied every one of these years? Manasseh’s affirmation that lone clinical specialists could approach Spanish Flowers is further reminiscent of the complicity of clinical specialists in these wrongdoings. Who were those specialists?

A watcher sent an extremely intriguing instant message to the host while the program was live. This individual needed to know whether Manasseh had ever utilized Spanish Flower. At the point when Kwaku Annan read that message, Manasseh snickered, chuckled, contacted his piece of paper on the table, and examined the significance of the watcher’s inquiry, shocked that the watcher would question his contribution in the utilization of the medications. He questioned: “what does this individual mean? In what capacity can a tracker execute a game and not have a sample of it?” indeed, since he assumed a function in the utilization of Spanish Flowers since he was an aspect of the criminal group that he has easily betrayed, he certainly utilized it as well. This, as I would like to think – and as I accept Kwaku Annan’s recommendation to use their disclosures as I discover fit – was Manasseh’s admission of having assaulted ladies, utilizing that Spanish fly medication. Has he been addressed?

Following his previous admissions to deadly assaults of ladies, watchers called for Manasseh Kwabena Boateng’s worry. He got back to the show frustrated; he felt pitiful, grumbling of selling out by the watchers whom he called attention to, expected to value the job he was playing in the introductions of the phony ministers. He proceeded to alert that should he be cuffed for these admissions, there was the chance of people like him hushing up about their declarations and denying the overall population the benefit of evaluating the controls of the phony ministers. I for one acknowledge Manasseh for his part in these disclosures. Yet, I additionally recognize the importance of indicting criminal behaviors in the quest for equity for deceived people while at the same time cementing the criminal equity arrangement of our nation. You will be an essential arraignment witness, yet you will require a legal advisor.

I need to accept that our criminal equity establishments are practical, and along these lines I suggest that you get yourself a legal advisor. I am certain that on the off chance that you subject yourself to the activities of the equity framework, you will come out a superior individual. The spirits of the guiltless carries on with taken may nev


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