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Pastor who was caught shaving female private parts is finally in trouble


In Christianity, many practices are forbidden due to the strict protocols of the Holy Bible.

Certain practices in the Christendom is classified as ungodly or unacceptable. Christians strictly stick to the words in the Holy Bible and abide by them at all cost.

However, there have been several instances where people who are supposed to be Shepherds in the Temple of God have involved themselves in practices which have gained massive attention and criticism.

There are certain activities which are prohibited and hence should not be practiced since the Bible is not in harmony with it or frowns upon it.

There was a recent trend on social media regarding a popular Ghanaian pastor called pastor blinks. Many people had already criticized him because of the name he uses or calls himself but he has gone to the extreme of exhibiting certain activities in his church which is far below the belt.

During a sermon in his church, he was seen with a shaving stick, a bowl of water and tissue paper shaving female private parts in his church. The video gained massive attention and trended on many social media platforms as people lambasted him for this ungodly practice in his church. Christians believe that this is not a part of the Christian doctrine and hence should not be practiced but this pastor choose his own path.

In the video, he was seen confidently stating from the Holy Bible that the Bible encourages that every person must look clean and take their Bath. This resulted in him during his process of cleaning his church members shave their private parts as spiritual Direction.

What people didn’t understand was the fact that he refused to shave the private parts of males also but did it for only females.

He has allegedly been summoned by Christian Council and is required to present himself with detailed reasons and biblical backing for his action which was seen in the videos trending currently.

The Christian Council are a group of Christian leaders who are aimed at ensuring that Christianity is on its right path in the country, therefore it is necessary that they take this action. A call to the Christian Council for such an act is definitely a call for disciplinary actions and will result in definitely facing punishment for the act he portrayed.

Watch full video of ‘pastor’ shaving female members’ private parts in church…..



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