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Africa must condemn Nigeria bloodshed – Rawlings


Former Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings has enjoined “All conscientious citizens of Africa” to condemn the bloodshed in Nigeria.

He is also urging parties in the ongoing protests against police brutalities “to move towards non-violent engagement” to resolve the umpasse.

Several thousands of Nigeria’s youths have been protesting what they say are brutalities perpetrated by the police across the country, particularly the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) which has since seen to the disbandment of the unit.

The #EndSARS protestors are however demanding more reforms. In some instances, violent scenes and widespread destructions have accompanied the protests, with some protesters overrunning police stations and setting prisoners free. On Tuesday, police and soldiers opened fire on protestors in a bid to disperse them from locations in Lagos – Alausa and Lekki – with rights group Amnesty International claiming no less than 12 protesters were killed as a result.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Rawlings said his heart goes out to Nigeria and Nigerians but said non-violent engagement was the way out.

“My heart goes out to #Nigeria and #Nigerians and I encourage all to move towards non-violent engagement. All conscientious citizens of Africa must condemn the bloodshed and call on all parties to act with integrity before the crisis get out of control,” the former soldier said, adding that “We call for integrity and the circumspection of all personnel involved.”



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