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Video Of Man A Bathing In Public To Show His Appreciation To The NPP For The COVID 19 Free Water Initiative | Watch


A man has been spotted bathing in public to show his appreciation to the NPP government for the free water initiative during the Coronavirus pandemic.

President Akufo-Addo during the emergency of Coronavirus in Ghana has come up with initiatives to lessen the burden of Ghanaians.

One of such initiatives is the free water for Ghanaians till the end of the year.

This initiative is to help Ghanaians cultivate the habit of washing their hands frequently which is one of the measures to help fight COVID 19.

Well, a gentleman in showing his appreciation to the ruling NPP government decided to bath himself in public.

In the video available to ghbestnews, the man is seen covered in soap as he uses his sponge to rub himself in the full glare of everyone present



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Man bathes in public to show appreciation to the NPP for the COVID-19 Free Water Initiative.

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