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Kwesi Korang-Wobeto aba—-The Song of the Moment.


Ghana’s latest Music Star,Kwesi Korang’s single, dubbed,”Wobeto aba’, could not have come out at a better time.
As Ghanaians prepare for the impending Presidential and Parliamentary elections, it’s only appropriate that the the electorates were remindered to make the right choices, for their own well-being and that of posterity.
According to Tactical Shiifo,Kwesi’s Manager, there was no malice in the song, except to make a statement for social discourse.
“The musician means no harm, but admonishing the electorates to eschew unhelpful fanatism and petty partisanship, by choosing the right leaders for the nation , with objectivity and circumspection.Ghana needs selfless, dedicated leaders who show practical commitment to the development of the general Ghanaian society, and we dare not fail to identify and choose them for our cause,’ he dilated.

Curld from Agyawusu’s Diary.


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