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Little Boy cries uncontrollably because he can’t marry his mom: he professes undying love for her [Watch]


A little boy who loves his mom so much was left in tears after finding out he couldn’t marry her.

A little boy has gone viral on social media after crying when his mother told him she can’t marry him because she is her mom.

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In the video, the adorable little boy could be seen professing love for his mother, saying he loves her the most in the whole wide world.

The 5-year-old starts off pretty upset after his mom says he can’t marry her.

Then the tears begin to flow because his little heart can’t take the sad news.

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You hear his mom say, “When you get older, you’re going to have your own family, you’re going to marry somebody.”

But that didn’t help calm the little guy, because his rebuttal was, “But I love you the most in the whole wide world.”

Cue the sobs because shortly after that, he says she’s breaking his heart!

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Watch the cute video below :




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