Home Entertainment News Kwadwo Sheldon says 1 Don is better than 1 Gad.

Kwadwo Sheldon says 1 Don is better than 1 Gad.


The debate just begun few hours ago but it’s already getting hot as Kwadwo Sheldon backs Shatta Wale this time in a subtle tweet.

It has always been who is better among the two, this time it’s not in general but a song they both coined from their nicknames which Shatta Wale releases his earlier.

Today Stonebwoy brought his highly anticipated first track of the year and the comparison isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With the two fanbase already trowing jabs on various platforms, Popular YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon believes Shatta had the Upper hand with his 1 Don track over Stonebwoy’s 1 Gad.

In a tweet, the content creator didn’t actually say his mind but his decision to bring a greater than symbol between the two songs with Shatta’s own written first made us believe he is comparing the two track ls . “ 1 Don > 1 Gad” Sheldon Subtly stated

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