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True Story: “My Husband Set Me Up With Rich Man to Test My Loyalty But Something Strange Happened”


Here’s how it all started, she tells us: “There is a man who started chatting with me around March whom I meet on a Facebook group.” Social networks again. Especially since we are all without ignoring, this channel is an often dangerous means and has even destroyed the lives of some couples.

Man remains man. No one is infallible. This story has just confirmed it. Indeed, it is the testimony of a married woman collected by the colleague “Afripulse F”. She admits to being disoriented after being caught in the act of adultery.

“Slowly we started to plan a romantic outing and eventually we booked a hotel outside of town. I went there on the weekend during the day. I had lied to my husband that I was there. was going to visit a cousin of mine who lives in the same locality. We got to the hotel and went to the room. We showered and went to bed.”

“The man is good looking and has money. He started showering me with nice messages and gradually came up with gifts. We hadn’t met, but eventually we met and I liked him more.” She continues.

What’s your opinion? do you think the man was right to test his woman? let’s hear your opinion


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