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Video Of How Fetish Priestess Nana Agradaa Performs Her Sika Gari Rituals Goes Viral | Watch


Controversial Ghanaian fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa’s sika gari video of her performing the ritual to double someone’s money pops up on social media

Nana Agradaa was arrested by persons from Police and National Security Intelligence Operatives, in collaboration with the National Communications Authorityin Kasoa

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She was arrested for operating her two tv stations namely Thunder TV and Ice1 TV without authorized license and was also accused of deceiving people by telling them she can double their monies for them also for her to dupe them.

In this new video trending on social media, the priestess is seen in her shrine as she attends to a man who came to see her to double his GHc1,000 for them

She told the young guy to put the GHc1,000 in a small pot and covered it with a cloth after he told her the reason why he was there.

After doing just that, Nana Agradaa requested a huge bowl from her assistant, placed it in front of her, and covered it with a cloth and poured some powder on it and covered it back.

Just a few minutes after doing that, she told him to close his eyes and repeats some words continuously.

She removed the cloth after a few minutes and the bowl was full of different Ghana cedis notes.

The guy happily transferred all the money in his ‘Ghana must go’ bag as he praise her for changing his life.

Below is the video



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