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John Dumelo Laments Of How He Was Fixing A Problem Last Year But The Government Asked Him To Stop And Now Ask Him To FIx His Attitude


Former Parliamentary aspirant John Dumelo has lamented badly about the same situation he wanted to fix last year but the government prevented him from doing it.

The drainage system in Ayawaso West Wagon is not able to contain the quantity of running water that pass through and leaving the area flooded when ever it get overflowed

john Dumelo as a then Parliamentary candidate made an attempt to solve the situation by expanding the drainage system for his people.

But he was later prevented from doing such a help to his constituency with the hope that he might win the 2020 parliamentary elections.

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However, exactly a year after he was prevented to expanding the drainage system, the rain has began to fall and the system is getting choked gradually which will lead to flood.

The youth of the country on social media demand accountability and good governance from the government by tasking him to fix the country.

This made John Dumelo to lament of how he wanted to fix a problem last year but was prevented and now been asked to fix his attitude.

What else do they expect him to do as an individual?

In a tweet, he said



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