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I fvcked all the top girls in Accra in 2018 — Ibrah One


Attention-seeking Ghanaian socialite Ibrah One has narrated one of the atrocities he committed way back in 2018.

According to him, all the top-notch girls in Accra had a taste of his long d!ck way back in 2018.

However, he said when he was financially down, those top girls he chopped flee and went on their way to his blindside.

On the back of this, he advised the youth to chase and make money before thinking of falling in love because fame without money is as useless as gari missed with sand.

This is what Ibrah One had to say;

”I’ll advice the youth to look for money and stop falling in love with girls. Even being famous without money is useless.. 2018 I use to fuck all the top girls in Accra for free. Some of them beg me to fuck them. But after I went boke. They all left me. Some of them are even fucking ex president.#Ibrahone

Now that God has started to bless me. They have started rushing me again. I promise my self never to pay for sex in my life again.. I’m not a fool to pay woman after given her multiple orgasm”.

Check-out the screenshot below;


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