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Ghana Police are hypocrites- A plus


Ghanaian musician Kwame A plus who has now ventured into politics has spit some venom on the Ghana police service as he calls them hypocrites who fail to stand for the right thing to be done.

A plus who was speaking about the current trending issue of FixTheCountry campaign that is going on revealed that the police were supposed to be the main people spearheading the campaign rather than fighting the better Ghana campaign.

According to him, the life of a policeman is not encouraging and doesn’t make people want to even enter the profession due to the fact that the police service has nothing better to offer any youth.

“The police service were supposed to be spearheading the fixthecountry campaign due to the poor lifestyles which they have been placed in rather than fighting the call for a better Ghana” He said.

Furthermore, he called on them to avoid been used by the big men in power just for their selfish gains rather than the good of the country.

Watch the video below;


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