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Diana Asamoah On Her Knees As She Apologize To The Ga Traditional Council Over Her Homowo Comment (Videos)


Evangelist Diana Asamoah finally renders and apology to the Ga traditional council over her comment about Homowo Festival

A few days ago, she said very soon, no one will celebrate Homowo because people will stop worshipping ‘smaller gods’ adding that God and Christianity will dominates.

Below is the video she made the comment in

Meanwhile, what she said has landed her in trouble because it sounds defaming and disrespectful.

In a new video going viral on social media, Evangelist Diana Asamoah was seen seated in front of the prominent chiefs and elders of the Ga Traditional Area humbly asking for their forgiveness.

She was accompanied by her loved ones and respected opinion leaders from the Ga Traditional Council and her producer, Mr Anane Frimpong.

According to her family members and those who accompanied her, Diana was simply ignorant of what she was saying as they plead with the chiefs

Diana Asamoah in the video then went on her knees to plead with the entire Ga Traditional Council to forgive her and take her back as their beloved daughter.

Below is the video


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