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I had se.x with my daughter’s husband and it’s the best fvxk of my life- Woman confesses


A 49-year-old woman has confessed to an online marriage cousellor that she had se.x with her son-in-law and it’s the best intimacy she had in her entire life.

The woman disclosed that it happened when she saw her daughter’s husband masturbating in the living room at the time when his wife (the woman’s daughter) was in the labour room expecting their baby

The unnamed woman had revealed that she had left the hospital for the house around 7 pm when she came to see her daughter’s husband masturbating on a couch with a p*rn video playing on the TV. She couldn’t resist the temptation even when the man moved to the bedroom to continue satisfying himself.

She decided to join him in the bedroom and satisfy herself as well. She noted that it was the best s3x of her life and asked for forgiveness from her daughter who she claims can’t even face.

She shared;

“My daughter gave birth to her second child this morning. She was on labor for 2days. I’ve been d one with her in the hospital. Yesterday evening, I needed to go home and take care of her daughter and also prepare light food for her.

I left the hospital around 7 pm and on getting home. I met her husband masturbating on a couch with a porn video playing on tv. This is the biggest temptation of my life. Even when I was in the kitchen. The erected dI*k was just playing on my head. I couldn’t control myself and I went to the sitting room and noticed he has gone to his bedroom.

I peeped through the keyhole, he was busy masturbating aggressively. I told him to open the door, that I want to join him. He didn’t even resist. That was how we got entangled and I couldn’t go back to the hospital. We spent the night satisfying ourselves. He opened up to me that he enjoyed me better than my daughter. That since my daughter got pregnant, she hardly had time for him.

I couldn’t go back to d hospital but I called my daughter that my blood pressure is high and she asked me to rest. She gave birth at 4:53 am and I’m getting her pepper soup ready.

I feel ashamed of myself. I don’t know how to face her without feeling guilty. The fact that my body wants more cos this is the best s3X of my life. I’ve never been handled this way for my entire life.

Even by my husband. I have a mixed feeling right now. Happy that my daughter gave birth successfully and sad that I might not be able to resist the man again and again. Ceetee please forgive me. Gosh, I can’t even face my daughter. I want to let this out to know if I will feel better. How can 49 years old me be this gullible”.




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