Home News Good sex should be between 5 to 30minutes

Good sex should be between 5 to 30minutes


Vlogger and sex therapist Blessing Okoro has demystified one of the myths about sex in a new content she shared on YouTube and across most of her social media platforms.

Good sex is knowing the anatomy of the female body and exploring it to the fullest. She contended that sexual intercourse should never go beyond 30-minutes because anything beyond that is just a waste of time.

‘Longer sex is the most boring sex. Being good in bed is not how long you spend, it’s knowing the right spot to touch. In 30 minutes you should be done with s.ex,’ Blessing Okoro in the video she posted.

Watch the video below;

YouTube Poster

Blessing Okoro recently argued that women are smarter than men when it comes to cheating.

She blurted out this statement in a new update on her IG platform. She quoted;

“Dear men,

We know this game…

Be faithful please”

Blessing further stated in another post, that a man can only cheat on a woman who doesn’t pay attention or who pretends not to pay attention. Braah shamo CEO wrote:


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