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After 8 weeks of giving birth, mum conceives again, delivers 3 babies at once

A woman from UK, Sarah Ward has earned attention on the internet after she gave birth to four kids in nine months.

Sarah and her partner Benn Smith reportedly welcomed a son named Freddie but in a bizarre twist, she became pregnant again with triplets.


In fact, they figured that it would take a long time before Sarah would conceive again since she had difficulties conceiving her first son.


Sarah told reporters thus: “We wanted to have at least two children. Since it took so long with Freddie, we figured it would take about the same time, if not longer.

“I was stunned to find out I was pregnant again so soon. I started to shake, I barely recovered with Freddie. I was still wearing maternity clothes. I was wondering how on earth I was going to cope.


On having three sets of kids at the same time which she never expected, Sarah added: “The sonographer stopped and asked if we knew how many babies we were having. We gasped because we thought she was telling us it was twins. When she said triplets, I almost fell off the bed in shock.

“Neither of us spoke as she turned the screen towards us and pointed out three little writhing figures. I just started crying when I realised they would be born before Freddie was a year old,

The babies were delivered at 33 weeks through a caesarian session.

She admitted she’s fortunate to have struck this rare feat but said it’s definitely going to be hectic in taking care of them at the initial stage.

Her words: “Sometimes, it feels more like running a nursery than a home, but we feel blessed. Sometimes it’s just completely, chaos, but we just laughed and got stuck. “I love babies so I feel like the luckiest mother in the world. I used to think that I couldn’t have children and then I had the perfect family in less than a year. I’m very proud of that.”

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