All my former boyfriends don’t succeed in life- Woman confides in online counsellor

A woman has confided in an online counsellor saying none of her boyfriends has ever succeeded in life after they break up.

It’s not clear how many guys she has dated and the yardstick she used in measuring their success but the lady seemed worried that she’s probably blamable for their lack of progress in life.


Her post was reshared by Auntie Momoza- the famous counsellor, life coach and influencer on social media who she talked to.


She stated;

“Hey auntie Momo, please keep me anonymous.I have a problem, people who I break up with always don’t succeed in life. I mean there’s no ex of mine that is doing better in life. I don’t know what might be the cause and I would like to know maybe I have a problem.”

See reactions;

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