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Baby arguing with his dad is the cutest thing you ‘ll see all day [Watch]

Video captures sassy baby arguing with his dad- who easily wins the clash with his very feisty hand gestures.


Every once in a while, videos of kids doing cute and goofy things go viral on social media.

This time, it’s a baby who has left the internet in splits after a video of he exchanging words with his father hits online.


Despite being a kid, the adorable little boy acted like an adult as he faced his dad squarely.


The cute kid stomped his foot and gesticulated in the direction of his dad kept shouted at the top of his voice.

Despite the high-pitched tone of the father at intervals, the kid seemed to be serious with his own point of the argument and refused to back down.


Despite a few negative comments, the majority of users considered the clip to be humorous and engaging. People were recommending the viral reel to their friends and acquaintances.


Watch the video below :



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