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Bold Lady Shoots Her Shots With Her Crush And Got This Result (+VIDEO)

A beautiful bold lady decided to defy odds and go after the man who made her heart skip a beat.

In a small set up by Nigerian MC Alexie Armani, the lady was asked to call her crush and profess her love for him.

Fortunately for her, her crush reciprocated her feelings and asked her out on a date. This made the girl excited and happy for taking the bold step of making the first move.


Most ladies run away from taking the first step even if they like a man. They often have the fear of getting rejected by these men.


But, there is no harm in trying. If you like a guy, don’t keep the feelings to yourself. For all you know, he may feel the same way about you. So go out there and shoot your shot. Whatever the outcome is, just make it cool and move.

Watch the video below;



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