Exposing the opposition’s defeatist and slavish mentality: Prostrate not before London Stock Exchange

A few of us, as an issue of standard, were amazingly confounded to peruse that the NDC agents have promised seriously to move toward the managers of London Stock Exchange to intercede for their benefit in the continuous Agyapa bargain.

This is no misrepresentation, dearest peruser, I wagered, Dr Nkrumah must turn in his grave: is person of color not fit for dealing with his own issues?

Obviously, we have been soundly educated that the Special Prosecutor is properly examining the much censured Agyapa bargain, so where is the need to race to the London Stock Exchange?

Dearest peruser, let me know, if such an appearing to be indefensible activity is certifiably not an indication of indecision or feeling of inadequacy, what’s going on here?

On the off chance that you would review, it was the equivalent NDC agents who quickly and joyously marched to America to report the Finance Minister over a worldwide bond gave by the Government of Ghana a couple of years back.

Clearly, the NDC agents have an inclination for running higgledy piggledy to look for help and counsel from the individuals they esteem to have unrivaled scholarly capacity. How disgraceful?

Wasn’t the equivalent NDC government under Mahama that euphorically rushed to the International Monetary Fund(IMF) to look for strategy believability? How unusual?

It is, surely, very dampening that following 63 years of autonomy, some Ghanaians, calling themselves government officials, would keep on depending on unfamiliar impacts.

Ghana’s freedom, I should unfortunately concede however, will stay insignificant, inasmuch as we keep on choosing legislators who can’t break new ground but instead want to take pleasure in unfamiliar impacts, in addition to other things, direction and control.

Whatever the case, we can’t deny or overlook the way that our Forebears put in fantastic endeavors in making sure about a definitive opportunity from the British, a long way from it. In any case, taking a gander at our contemporary political scene, no doubt all the difficult work put in by the Founding Fathers has been futile. I wager, they are grieving their adored Ghana in their graves. How dismal?

Let us thusly remind our conflicted and the apparently faint legislators that freedom alludes to confidence, in this way, on the off chance that we decided to rely to a great extent upon different nations for endurance, at that point our autonomy will by one way or another stay “useless”.

Clearly, the NDC agents are making garbage of Dr Nkrumah’s shrewd advising: “Blackman is fit for dealing with his own undertakings.”

You may settle on a truce, yet I will set out pressure that Ghanaian legislative issues has undoubtedly become a disdained calling, not an honorable calling it used to be. Get the job done it to push that it takes gutsy, magnanimous and great individuals—productive members of society and pioneers to manufacture a prosperous country. However a ton of good individuals could never go into legislative issues.

Indeed, some time ago, any individual who went into legislative issues was turned upward to and regarded by all, however oh, this isn’t the case any longer.

By what method can similar legislators guarantee to have the interests of Ghana on a basic level when they purportedly imported around 43 vehicles at a stunning cost of $9 million on the blind spot of the great individuals of Ghana?

In the event that those legislators aren’t relentless and treacherous, why they plotted and paid questionable judgment obligations to the tune of GH800 million?

Assuming, in reality, they are ethically upstanding, and have the prosperity of Ghana on the most fundamental level, why they plotted, plundered and shared monies having a place with GYEEDA and SADA, which were intended to change the lives of the penniless in the public arena?

Where was their much-promoted enthusiasm when they purportedly wasted assets intended to change the carries on with of the poverty stricken in the public eye through questionable arrangements, for example, the Airbus, the Brazil World Cup, the notorious transport marking, NCA, MASLOC, SUBA, SSNIT among others?

Believe it or not, there is literally nothing truly wrong for anyone to guarantee bequest to enthusiasm. Be that as it may, enthusiasm is certainly not a simple way of talking, for we could just proof our nationalism through our activities and inactions. That is by indicating our love, anxiety and solid inclination towards our nation in whatever we do.

Indeed, I have consistently held an opposite view to the cynics who fight fairly deceptively that it is overdone and unseemly for anybody to propose that, despite the fact that, we began existence with any semblance of South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, we are glad to make sure about advances and other help from them.

Allow us to concede, the NDC agents goal to race to the London Stock Exchange over the Agyapa bargain shows that we are not prepared to wean ourselves from our slave drivers.

In the event that that was not the situation, can any anyone explain why our legislators keep on looking for strategy direction from IMF? On the off chance that we are confident, for what reason do we continually convey our asking bowl round looking for charity? In the event that we are free leaning, for what reason do we need to import basic contractual workers from China to assemble our fundamental frameworks? On the off chance that we were that competent and foresighted, for what reason do we reliably import unfamiliar football trainers?

To the extent that we have legislators that have no foreknowledge, however are nearsighted, inept; I dare express that Ghana may never progress definitively in the course of our life.

In finishing, I dare express that since the elites among the ‘four legs creatures’ keep on showing unalterable languor, feeling of inadequacy and absence of nationalism, Ghana may never grow seriously in the course of our life.

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