Fameye confesses to reckless driving at Okponglo and forcibly seizing a Legon student’s iPhone [Details]

Ghanaian singer, Fameye has confessed to reckless driving on the Okponglo road and forcibly seizing the iPhone of a Legon student who tried to his recklessness.


According to Fameye in a lengthy post on Twitter, last year he drove recklessly at the Okponglo, near the University of Ghana, Legon, and nearly had his reputation ruined by a student who tried to record him whiles stuck in traffic.


When the traffic light switched from green to red, a Trotro mate wanted to insult him but after realizing it was Fameye, he kept his cool only for the Legon student to get down and start insulting him.

The student said “Oh ebe you Fameye? Lemme video you, you be Fameye so what.. foolish boy, you want to kill me kwasia”


According to Fameye, those he was with at the time got down and seized the student’s phone to prevent him from posting the video on social media.


He eventually drove away with the phone when the light went from red to green.


The musician says he had wanted to give the student’s phone back to him the following day but he changed his mind when he got his colleagues to insult him on Twitter.


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