How to apply for NSS Loan – Details

Are you an NSS personnel that needs a loan to sort things out? This post will show you how to apply for a loan as an NSS person using the shortcode *396*1#.

It is not a shame to apply for a loan as a National Service person, this is because, after completion of tertiary education, most guardians think they are done, so the rest is on you. The case worsens if you are not posted to a place where you will get accommodation for free, in such case, you need to pay for accommodation and buy some things like a mattress and other basic needs.

The major problem is you are not guaranteed to receive your salary at the end of the first month. If that happens it will be necessary to go for a loan. Going for a loan as an NSS wasn’t easy some years back because you may not meet the requirements to apply for a loan from any bank.


Thanks to Direct Service Loan by NSS, you can apply for a loan from GHS100 to GHS1,700. This loan application step is very easy and can be done with your mobile phone. When you apply for a loan on Direct Loan Service, the loan will be disbursed to your E-zwitch card and NSS will deduct monthly. Note that Direct Service Loan do not have any processing fee or Collateral fee.

Direct Service NSS Loan Requirements

In order to be qualified for a loan as National Service Personnel, you need to meet the following requirements.

You need to be newly posted National Service Personnel.

You have to be registered and validated National Sevice personnel.

You have to be under the Subvented category. That is you have to be paid by NSS.

Interest Rate of Direct Service *396*1# Loan for NSS

The interest rate for the NSS loan is 6.5% per month. Which is not huge as other banks or loan companies.

How to Apply for NSS Loan in Ghana

Dial *396*1# on your phone.

You will be provided with two options; NSS and YEA. Choose 1 for NSS.

Enter your NSS number which will be in the form NSSGCC2015547. After entering your NSS number your personal details will be displayed on your screen, which includes; your name, date of birth NSS and E-zwitch number.

Confirm by choosing 1.

You will receive an SMS which comes with a verification code. Take note of the code and Dial the code *396*1# again.

Enter the pin and set up your own four digits pin.

ial the code *396*1# again.

Choose request loan.

State the reason why you are requesting the loan. You can choose for medication, personal, accommodation etc.

Enter the loan amount.

Confirm your request and repayment plan

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