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I bet, only a miracle can persuade beneficiaries to send Free SHS critic to Jubilee House

Upon a deliberately thought about reflection, I might want to present that the great individuals of Ghana committed a calamitous error by removing the NPP government in 2008 general decisions, as Ghana, in a manner of speaking, was going towards the correct heading following the eight years of judicious administration by Ex-President Kufuor and his similarly powerful group.

The great individuals of Ghana, sadly, succumbed to the NDC’s top notch political trick and removed the NPP government in 2008 in spite of the NPP government’s commonsense projects and strategies which put the nation in a profoundly ideal monetary position.

In those days, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) communicators, indeed, showed sheer smugness and disappointingly neglected to counter the NDC’s political contrivances.

In the event that we go through a world of fond memories, previous President Kufuor gave the stick to the late President Mills on seventh January 2009, after his triumph in the December 2008 general races.

Get the job done it to push that the late President Mills was amazingly lucky to have acquired an excellent monetary establishment laid by the ground breaking President Kufuor and his similarly persevering group.

Take, for example, three years after previous President Kufuor’s NPP government had found oil in business amounts, the late President Mills had the upbeat undertaking of turning on the valve at a seaward stage in December 2010 to siphon the primary business oil.

Furthermore, lo and view, Ghana joined the oil sending out nations. In all honesty, Ghana began to send out unrefined petroleum and hence supported the monetary development.

The economy developed propitiously from around 8.4 percent to around 14 percent by 2011, and Ghana consequently arrived at the Lower Middle Income status.

“Ghana has made considerable progress and is the world’s quickest developing economy today-2010.

“Ghana’s economy is developing at a rankling 20.15 percent, says Economy Watch.

“Favored with rich stores of common assets, Ghana has abruptly convoluted and is presently speeding along the development way.

“Ghana is oil-rich, has enormous gold and precious stone stores, and has a blasting the travel industry” (Economy Watch 2010).

What’s more, who says that the great monetary establishment laid by previous President Kufuor and his group was not the fundamental contributory factor in the Ghana’s financial upsurge?

Lamentably, things began to self-destruct. It went from awful to more regrettable after President Mills unexpected and strange demise in July 2012.

The then VP, Mahama, (the programmed replacement to the administration) and his administration authorities had a field day prompting the 2012 general decisions.

Mahama and his apointees went ‘haywire’ in their franticness to stick on to control. Along these lines they broke all shows. Numerous administration divisions spent far beyond their assigned spending plans, which achieved twofold spending shortfall in the midst of gigantic and unmanageable obligation stock.

With all due regard, previous President Mahama had a sufficient chance to show perceiving Ghanaians his capacity to control the country to the correct bearing, however woefully neglected to do as such. All in all, what would he be able to do at the administration next time around?

Unusually however, Ex-President Mahama and his overflowing allies are going here and there the nation and unreasonably censuring President Akufo-Addo who is judiciously fixing the humongous wreck abandoned by the recent NDC organization.

Maybe more than all else, Ex-President Mahama and his supporters are as yet clutching the slippery conviction that Ghanaians experience the ill effects of cognitive decline and subsequently can’t recall the revoltingly terrible occasions which occurred under their supervision.

Dearest peruser, on the off chance that that was not the situation, what might then drive a president who wilfully pushed the nation to the brink of collapse through calamitous dynamic to tenaciously denounce his replacement who is doing everything humanly conceivable to fix the enormous wreck?

Be that as it may, in opposition to previous President Mahama’s apparently segregated view, perceiving Ghanaians have phenomenally defeated their until now boggling, though hurtful cognitive decline, if the 2016 political race was anything to pass by.

Truth be told, we can’t deny or conceal the way that previous President Mahama and by far most of the brassbound NDC supporters have been experiencing a cycle similar to Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ phases of distress.

We have, tragically, been seeing unbridled receptive passionate reactions from any semblance of previous President Mahama since the time the NDC lost the 2016 political race to the NPP.

Given the indefensible financial wreck under his supervision, Ex-President Mahama ought to make the best decision by eating crow and apologize to the great individuals of Ghana for wilfully wrecking the once positive economy.

Likewise, there are the individuals who don’t see how and why Ex-President Mahama could discover it to some degree advantageous to rebuke Akufo-Addo for supposedly executing the Free SHS strategy to the detriment of other formative ventures (see: ‘Free SHS devastating different parts Mahama,, 24/02/2018).

Previous President Mahama was accounted for to have spilled his guts during one of the NDC’s 2018 solidarity wellbeing strolls: “The issue this legislature is confronting and it is to their greatest advantage, is that, Free Senior High School is retaining all the financial space they have thus pretty much every cash you have, you are placing it into Free Senior High School. So you can’t pay District Assemblies Common Fund, you can’t pay NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme), you can’t pay GET Fund (Ghana Education Trust Fund), you can’t pay different compensations and things since all your cash is going into Free Senior High School.”

Indeed, the apparently conflicting comments have left meriting questions in the brains of perceiving Ghanaians regarding whether whenever casted a ballot into power, Mahama will have the will and promise to keep up the Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS.

By one way or another, Mahama favors “Dynamically Free” (whatever that way) to NPP’s Comprehensively Free SHS. Obviously, consequently, the great individuals of Ghana can’t comprehend how and why the NDC’s ‘Dynamically’ Free SHS which has a financial plan of GH48 per understudy is better than the NPP’s GH1844.27 per understudy a year.

From the vibe of things, the pundits can’t be a long way from directly in proposing that Mahama will no doubt drop the Free SHS in the impossible occasion of getting back to the Jubilee House.

Get the job done it to accentuate that by far most of Ghanaians are profiting gigantically from the arrangement, including my maternal uncle, Oliver, a fanatic NDC ally, who had prior scrutinized the obvious neediness lightening Free SHS.

Yet, regardless of my Uncle Oliver’s unnecessary and endless negativity, he is on course to receive huge rewards and will probably decrease to underwrite Mahama to come and drop the arrangement.

Gratifyingly, the Akufo-Addo’s administration will spend at least GH5532.83 over a time of three years on every understudy.

In this way, my uncle, Oliver, who has three of his kids in SHS, will take at least GH16598.49 more than three years.

Who would then be able to convince my maternal uncle to turn down such a delicious offer and decision in favor of the unrepentant pundit of the Free SHS who may well surrender the arrangement?

Trust me, should the Free SHS recipients commit an inexcusable error and hand over the neediness mitigation free SHS strategy back to the NDC government soon, the evidently social democrats will happily return the exhaustively free approach to their much promoted ‘logically free’ (whatever that implies).

By the by, given the Free SHS recipients immovable questions over Mahama’s responsibility towards the approach, a few of us, as an issue of conviction, don’t visualize the NDC getting back to control at any point in the near future with previous President Mahama.

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