Man who took girl out on a date pays for his own bill and leaves her after she ordered for expensive Chinese spaghetti

Another tale of a lady embarrassing herself on a first date has been spun on the internet to consolidate the now famous mantra, ‘what do girls bring to the table’ in a relationship.

The guy asked this lady out and instead of modestly ordering something less expensive on the menu, she went for the kill.


Identified as Sonia, the lady who first ran to Twitter to narrate the story to paint the guy black said when it was time to pay for the meal, the young man paid for only what he ate and asked her to settle her own bills.


This pushed her into a corner so she paid to avoid any scene and later confronted the guy later via WhatsApp after the dust has settled down.

In his response, the young man lamented bitterly over the fact that she went ahead to order Chinese spag worth N16,500 while he ordered just pie and bottled water.


Sonia shared the post saying;

“Met this guy on Twitter, asked me out on a date, I took my order just like he did, but when the bills were brought, he asked me to pay for mine.

I got confused, but I no go allow make one yeye boy shame me. I paid and left, I asked about it this morning and he said this.”

Here’s the dialogue that ensued between them

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