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Meet Elitom El-amin, the man who claims to have not eaten or drank anything for the past two years [video]

Some serious things are going on in this world as some people are doing stuff to bagged records orders are also doing weird things as their lifestyle.

When you go into the Guinness book of world records, several records will get you blown away including the dirtiest man in the world who hasn’t bathed before for decades.

Well in other latest findings, an American has pulled up claiming to have not eaten or drunk anything since the past two years of his life.

The man who’s from Ohio, US identified as Elitom El-amin is currently living by the seaside in Goa, India as he adopts a Breatharian lifestyle.

He is said to be 52 years old and survives on metaphysical energy that he gets from the sun, soil, and air.

According to him, he’s been living the Breatharian lifestyle for 20 years and has been able to encourage people to join him


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