Nana Aba Rejects A Young Rapper Who Professed Love To Her On Twitter Claiming She’s His Scream Saver

Nana Aba has rejected a young rapper who proposed love to her on Twitter claiming she’s his scream saver telling him the feeling between them is not mutual which means she isn’t interested.

The guy identified as Cobby Menzgh in a thread of tweets professed love to Nana Aba telling her how much he loves her and wishes to see her in person then show her the kind of love he’s been harboring in his heart for him.

The guy even went ahead to claim that Nana Aba is his scream saver and that alone could influence Naba Aba’a rejection telling him the feeling is not mutual which means she’s not interested in him.

This has got some netizens making fun of the young rapper for being bold to express his love for Nana Aba and labeling her as his scream saver and her reply even makes it worse turning him into a laughingstock.

screenshot below;


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