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No one should attribute my success to NPP if I make it in life- Prince David Osei declares

While slamming haters online for baring their fangs at Jackie Appiah after a video of her luxury mansion surfaced online, actor Prince David has issued his own form of warning to trolls.

Fuming with anger, Prince said the penchant of Ghanaians questioning the source of wealth of actors especially the females in the industry has spiralled beyond the scope of rationality.


He noted that now that he’s hustling with his ‘sweat and blood’ as an actor, people won’t talk about it but when he makes it big in the future, the naysayers will emerge to say he has benefited hugely from his affiliation to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).


The actor unleashed his fiery comment while weighing on Jackie Appiah’s beautiful house which was shared on Twitter after Nigerian actress Luchy Donalds.

Since the video succeeded in becoming topical, some trolls have said the luxury of the house couldn’t be funded by Jackie’s acting career.


Prince mounted a strong defensive mechanism for his colleague, saying he had been very hard working from the preliminary stages of her career.

He then listed most of her sources of wealth and disclosed she was signed as a brand ambassador for a lot of companies many years ago even before she became a household name in Africa.

From the foregoing, Prince said if people downplay his hard work in the future and attribute his success to the NPP, he will go on the offensive.

He posted;
“I am out here, hustling 6/8 to do my tours with my sweat, tomorrow if I hit some monkey will come and say it’s NPP money Gyimi saa.. Some of us hustlers we never claim to be rich, we work hard filming day&night exploring other avenues to make money.”

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