Rich GANG: Jackie Appiah’s first house she built 12 years ago shared online to show how she has been working hard to reach this level

To prove that Jackie Appiah has always been working hard as an individual to reach this level, blogger Cutie Juls has shared a photo of the first mansion she built back in 2010.

The blogger claimed the celebrated actress put up the edifice in the plush neighbourhood of East Legon before she started building the others, albeit we have no idea how many houses she has presently.


Cutie dug this throwback photo of her mansion to add a new perspective to the video of her exotic mansion which caused a measure of hubbub on social media weeks ago, thanks to her industry colleague from Nigeria, Luchy Donalds.


The controversial blogger posted

“This is Jackie’s first house if I’m not mistaken.


See I kinda feel this lady is one of the smartest in the Ghana celebrity queendom 😩😩😩

She built this house at East Legon hills about 12 years ago, stayed in for less than a year and moved back to live with her mom.


From our checks, she started renting it out in dollars whilst living rent free with her mom and her son.


Almost all the rent she took and still taking from this property went into acquiring other properties of which she paid in instalment.


Whilst some of the celebs were paying not less than $2000 a month to live in push places, Jackie was taking same amount from her tenants, living rent free with her mom and even cashing out from some of female celebs who were her tenants.


That time we heard stories like; “Do you know Jackie with all her big girl too known swag and designer, she still lives with her mom”?, she can’t even afford to rent a nice 2 bedroom flat etc”.. not knowing Opana was a even some of theme, their landlady and they didn’t even know. She got a property at Embassy Garden on instalment payment via her status and credibility and has been renting it at more than $2k depending on the type client. She’s been doing that for over 6years.


Not saying she’s never dated some rich dudes but the difference is that, whilst the others used their earnings from work and allowances from their boyfriend etc to pay another person’s sugar daddy’s rent , Jackie used her earnings, allowances from her boyfriend etc to invest in her future and continued to stay with her mom cuz after all she wasn’t in any competition with anyone.


She invested in her self acquired dream house before moving out.


Her future is solid and so is her only son. We also learnt she has multiple lands in other areas of Accra.


Today, most of her colleagues are still tenants and she lives and owns one of the plush houses in one of the most expensive areas of the capital.


You see this thing called money? Sometimes, we all can earn it o but how we decide to spend it is where the difference is.


Heard sm of her colleagues are badmouthing. Pls how much is your rent? Do u really need to pay that much rent? To please who?”



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