Shatta Wale’s Exes Michy And Magluv Throw Shades At His New Girlfriend Minutes After He Flaunted Her(watch)

Shatta Wale is going to be the most hated man in Ghana in the next few days as his exes have started throwing shades at this new lady who’s supposedly the reigning SM queen.


It’s evident how women get jealous when their exes move on to the extent of finding so many faults in this new person; the best relief of it all is when they find out they’re prettier and ‘better’ than this new lady dating their ex.


A couple of minutes after Shatta Wale posted his new girlfriend showing public display of affection like he used to do with Michy, all hell broke loose. Michy took to her snap to shade this lady who is quite slim and not endowed like her(Michy).

She wrote


The big question is who craves for kenkey with rotten pepper?

The tiny fish probably means she’s describing this new lady’s form(slim and not endowed) and for the rotten pepper, Michy is the only one who can explain what exactly she meant. Maybe she knows the girl in person hence trying to call her a slay queen or ‘yaanom’.

Magluv also took to her snap to record a video of herself, showing her curves and b00bs; indirectly telling Shatta that he’s missing a lot in her banging body and wasting his time with someone who’s not as curvy as her.

Anyway, take a look at their posts below and tell us what you think;


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