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The Ghanaian Presidency: Hype, burst myth or sakawa?

He was charged by his defenders as the prime of Ghanaian governmental issues, past, present and future, which he savored and luxuriated in. Indeed, even a skeptic like me was taken in and I dreaded I would need to eat humble kose and admit my mistake in questioning the man’s capacity…

The appointive cycle that saw him on a white charger riding to the stronghold of intensity has turned up at ground zero and another political decision is currently upon us – just a few months or so ahead and what do we see?

Indeed, a few people are holding him up as the most exceedingly terrible occupant in our set of experiences, including the military ones. Over all, in the wake of acquiring a nation content with itself, he has neglected to hold the nation together.

His “patapaa” character has fragmented us into non-trading off ethnocentric (Akyem and most of us), strict (Christianity and most of us. Re: purported public church building) and political units (NPP on frenzy. Re: vigilantism), Social indiscipline (Kennedy Agyepong, MP, Hawa Koomson, MP), and traded off public security (all over the administrations)… Furthermore, he has so undermined public foundations (Judiciary, Auditor General, EC, and so forth.,) as to strip them of any trustworthiness – barely the sort of demeanor that would energize advancement, inventiveness and efficiency. Indeed, even with his gathering, the NPP, he has prevailing with regards to driving hostile wedges.

Because of his unreasonable want to clutch power definitely, the appointive commission set out on demonstrations of foolish partisanship, to the degree that individuals, which incorporates me, are contemplating straightforwardly and noisily whether the Ghanaian building would not come disintegrating down because of constituent questions.

Also, presently I hear he is meandering everywhere with a mysterious seat to guarantee his maintenance at the surveys! Would you be able to envision that?! Furthermore, this, from a man, who is pushing an alleged Christocentric public church on a multi confidence country like our own!

I am certain, even he should now be humiliated by his notorious “y3 ti sika along these lines, na 3kom di y3n”, which presently discovers place in his bins of sakawa… It is this sakawa, comparable to the decisions that gives me restless evenings. I have seen, or took an interest in numerous Ghanaian decisions and none of them has filled me with as much fear and premonition as the one drawing closer on December 7 2020. It will be an “All bite the dust be pass on” issue, a Nana Addo political decision guideline.

It shocks, even angers me, that my kindred countrymen are going about as though we are in ordinary occasions and things are continuing “nothing new”, with free, reasonable and viciousness free decisions anticipated.

A malicious seed was planted in December 2016 and on January 2017 the primary drops of the harming waters that would develop and support it began coursing through its vessels. That seed has now developed into a completely noxious and malignant tree that could bring our nation down.

What should be possible? We as a whole plunked down and saw and watched, the roots spread all over the place. Let me slice through every one of these illustrations: Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo isn’t the man who can guarantee, guarantee, free, reasonable and savagery free races.

At the point when he articulated his scandalous principle of “All bite the dust be pass on”, he would not joke about this. In the event that Ghana is to consume for him to hold political force, so be it! Are my kindred residents revealing to me that they have not gotten on to the risks ahead?

Cautiousness can help deflect certain yet-to-happen fiascoes thus do petitions. Let us join the two and we may yet observe our nation being saved. May God hear our petitions…

In September ’39, it was the finish of disregarding the numerous signs on display by such an illuminated, instructed and advanced society like Germany that permitted the NAZI hooligans to seize the law based framework and burn the whole globe into a significant fireball.

In September 2001, a similarly edified, instructed and complex society with an infinitely knowledgeable insight framework like the US couldn’t get the signs and fragrances and permitted deadly youngsters from the Arabian Peninsula to flip around the world.

Our country Ghana, shockingly feels to me like a seized country utilizing the popularity based cycle to plunge us towards its fate. The coordinators of Election 2020 – the legislature and appointive commission have so fouled the environment that there will be no space for bargain.

I trust I am off-base – extremely off-base!

From the constituent schedule, to the necessities for obtaining a citizen ID card, to the administration of the Ghana card enrollment/issuance, to the new elector register, to the progressing assessment, it’s been one major awful understanding after another for our enduring country on exactly how to disappoint significant wraps of the electorate to support Nana Addo. I don’t think his gathering even implies that a lot to him…

It isn’t for me to wish fate on my nation, a long way from it, yet I am additionally old and ideally savvy enough to see if my nation is traveling that way and sound the alert… The Akufo-Addo publicity has been exposed – and the fantasy broke, by his own stumbles – he should be halted from bringing us down with him in one sakawa constituent plunge!

Whoever concocted sakawa to depict Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his mafia must have parcels and parts humor. The word has been with us for as far back as I can recall, just to re-surface in these most recent couple of months to decisions as such a humorous yet destroying masterpiece. Fair I can’t quit snickering! Splendid! Yet in addition frightening…

Projecting my psyche back to around this equivalent time four years prior in 2016, these equivalent individuals, presently bleating about the torment of the spike of sakawa had put the words “clumsy” and “degenerate” on numerous tongues to “depict” the then sitting president and government. Just that, those words, dissimilar to the 2020 “sakawa” allegory, had no humor or even mockery to them and were intended to affront, disparage and slander. The man in control at that point, John Dramani Mahama, accepted everything and didn’t run crying, whingeing and crying to catholic religious administrators to mediate, neither did any ethnocentric biased people riot to dissent.

He who drove the 2016 invasion against such a fine man of his word like John Mahama, is today himself incapable to confront a whole lot, less and needs to be praised as he who must be complied, he who must not be fooled with, he who is the master of all that he overviews. No sir! You can’t eat your cake and have it! At the point when he, in 2016, supported by Mahamudu Bawumia (and that little spouse of his) made President Mahama into a punching sack, little did they expect that a moment of retribution would some time or another show up.

Today we as a whole realize who is clumsy and excessively degenerate! They even taunted ECOWAS as degenerate pioneers and AU pioneers as tyrants when Mahama turned into the ECOWAS seat in 2015. After five years, they are hailing Nana Addo for filling this equivalent routine multilateral situation as though no Ghanaian pioneer had been there previously.

Sakawa – like ananse – the comedian and perpetuator of extortion: this has now gotten one genuine and present risk to our nation, all in view of one publicity on a legend – the fantasy which is broken and the monstrous truth of potential demolition currently facing us. Is this what the 2016 “change” was about? Naaaaarrr! Expectation we’ve all taken in the excruciating however arousing exercises…

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