The secession of the Togolanders

We live in a figment of security in this nation without plan of action to the exercises of the past.

Since freedom, no fighter or cop or security operator has ever battled to shield the individuals from anything. The security powers have never ensured the legislature or the equity framework or the media or the training framework or the banks or the jail framework.

What’s more, the sooner we get this unmistakable, the less disillusioned we will be in imagining that they will battle to control the withdrawal going on in Western Togoland. They won’t battle. They will run.

What the regular Ghanaian security official realizes how to do best is to flee into the shrub upon the smallest danger to his life. Thus this entire business of relying upon the security mechanical assembly to ensure the nation is for nothing. The military officials and the cops and the security specialists will flee into the shrub upon the primary shot, even before the customary residents follow.

Furthermore, that is actually what occurred on June 4, 1979. On that day, improved officials ran pell mell into the shrubbery at the principal firearm fired, and were sought after by their subordinates and youngsters who put them in guardrooms and mortified them for quite a long time.

These officials neglected to give even the most essential requests to spare the circumstance; or wound up froze by sheer dread to act as per their promises. What’s more, even General Odartey-Wellington, regularly celebrated for valiance, was so stunned by occasions of that day that he gave up himself at the Nima Police Station, and was fiercely killed by ragtag officers. All the tales about his opposition were plainly bogus.

At long last, it was a military general, Hamidu, who declared the acquiescence of the powers to the upset producers and gave triumph, along with the entire of the nation, to these diverse horde of unrestrained troopers and sell-blades. Thus it was that a spontaneous uprising drove by no one intruded on the nation’s pathway to popularity based administration, and brought Jerry Rawlings to control by sheer power of the mishap.

Having tasted force and discovered the security framework to be so permeable, Rawlings organized another upset and held this nation prisoner for a very long time.

Thus today, if there is no upset in the nation, and our popular government has been flawless for almost thirty years, it has literally nothing to do with the way that there is presently set up better security courses of action all things considered. It is simply in light of the fact that the mass of Ghanaians will secure that vote based system with their very blood. The extent of Ghanaians who lean toward that vote based system remains the picked type of government in this nation seems overpowering; so there is no open door for any military adventurism.

Yet, in the event that this circumstance changes whenever later on, the legislature will absolutely be toppled. So in this example, all that the administration needs to do is to keep up trust in the individuals themselves, of the steadiness and fitness of the popularity based administration, so they will give their lives to secure its oust.

In the event that the administration is relying upon the military and the police and the security organizations for its insurance and endurance, it needs to take note of that there is no record in our nation where these offices have offered assurance in essence to the legislature.

The security organizations remain maverick and parasitic bodies searching for escape clauses to tear apart themselves and to fall foul of their sworn obligation to ensure the legislature and individuals of Ghana. What’s more, as I have just expressed, at the primary gunfire, no official or man will put down his life to spare anyone.

They will all be running into the hedge to spare their own skins as occurred in all the overthrows in this nation. These individuals have never done battle against this present nation’s foes. Or maybe the record mirrors that they have turned their weapons on the residents of the nation, slaughtering them, tormenting them, assaulting them, beating them.

The genitalia of people have been disfigured by some in the security organizations after a portion of these upsets.

Thus for what reason would it be advisable for anybody to imagine that these security organizations who have never ensured this nation in any capacity will, out of nowhere, take arms to ensure the unitary condition of this nation from these separatists?

Indeed, at the main gunfire radiating from these Western Togolanders, all of them will run into the hedge. It isn’t as though they will even beginning battling; they will simply run harum scarum into the shrubbery. Furthermore, we should tally ourselves fortunate in the event that they don’t enthusiastically hand over their arms to their rivals and point out to them where the pioneers they have vowed to ensure are stowing away.

Also, in the event that we have some dream about this chance, we should take a gander at the disarray these individuals as of late made. They obstructed streets and put banners and sign-loads up and gave the security organizations a final offer to leave their domains or give up their arms. Furthermore, how might they have done all these in the event that they didn’t have a clue how permeable and bargained the security of the nation was? Where were the police or the fighters or the BNI?

Up until this point, what the over-simplification of the individuals have done is to laugh at these individuals, calling them names, offending their clans and taking steps to smash them. Who will pulverize them? Thus far, who has done anything critical to them?

At the point when the Biafran withdrawal happened in Nigeria in 1967, there were the individuals who treated the entire thought with comparable disdain, however Nigeria is as yet attempting to contain the outcomes of its belongings. Nigeria is as yet battling the Boko Haram despite its military may. However, in any event in the Nigerian circumstance, there is a battling power in presence, yet an ineffectual one.

In Ghana, there won’t be any battling power opposing anything whenever. Each warrior will abandon the front and return home to their spouses and family. Enough said. No one will battle since no one has ever battled. No one will have the heart to go murder these W T’landers or get slaughtered by these W T’Landers. No one will see the purpose of that penance.

So that if there is some pinch of responsibility and order among them, they are probably going to succeed. What’s more, in the event that they don’t, they have the opportunity and history on their side to give this nation a decent battle for the cash. That is the reason we need to pay attention to them.

The vast majority of us might want Ghana to remain joined together and are consequently against whatever they are doing to isolate from this nation. Simultaneously, can see all the issues in question and put in a decent recommendation. The most ideal approach to manage the issue is to examine their complaint, not to excuse them. They have next to no to lose; we have especially to lose.

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