Wendy Shay Advises GFA On How To Invest The Allocated Funds For AFCON Since We’re Out

Singer Wendy Shay has advised the GFA on how to invest the money government allocated for the AFON since we’re out of the game and team Ghana is coming back home.


Yesterday, the Blackstar team broke the hearts of many after they got defeated by Comoros a small team that is laying AFCON for the first time and we are out of the game since we became last in the group stages.


Wendy Shay reacting to the lose decided to advise the GFA to invest the money allocated for the AFCON into the Ghana music to have an impact since what it was supposed to do, it won’t do it again.

Wendy Shay is right in a way as the money was supposed to help the team and all officials during this game but we are coming back so soon hence the rest of the money should be invested in something profitable.

screenshot below;

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