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Who is your girlfriend? Man in utter shock after his girlfriend surprises him with brand new Range Rover (Video)

A woman ostensibly from Nigeria but based abroad surprised her boyfriend with a brand new Range Rover spontaneously.

The lady filmed the moment she got her man the surprise sleek car which was comfortably packed in a car pack obviously not far from her apartment and presented the keys to him.


The man was utterly shocked and initially thought it was a prank hence refused to believe that the posh car is actually his.


The romantic woman blindfolded him and led him to a car park where the new car was parked and revealed that it belongs to him.

When his doubt was cleared and he realised that indeed his woman has ‘changed’ his life, he started smiling and accepted the car key amidst screaming.


They eventually hopped into the new Range Rover and went for a drive.


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