Woman to get over ₵5m compensation after her kidney was removed without her consent abroad

A woman’s brush with tragedy is going to see her laughing all the way to the bank after a court instructed an agency that employed her to work in Saudi Arabia to give her a hefty compensation after her kidney was removed without her consent.

According to news making rounds on the internet, Judith Nakintu strangely realized that her organs have been diabolically removed while she was an employee in Jeddah.


Nile Treasure Gate, the labour export company that flew the Ugandan woman to Jeddah said they had believed Nankintu’s former employer, Saad Dhafer who claimed that she had been involved in an accident.


After learning about the accident, the company’s lawyer said that they instigated legal proceedings to help her get compensation.

According to released documents, including a traffic report, Judith was alleged to have been involved in an accident that killed two of her employer’s children.

However, after she arrived in Uganda, it was discovered that one of her kidneys was removed in unclear circumstances.

Nile Treasure Gate said they had no idea how Judith lost her kidney, and they had written to the King Fahad Hospital where she was treated after the accident but had not received a response.

“We hope that our clients need to have their day in court and we believe justice would be served,” the company’s lawyer said.

“A lawsuit was filed on her behalf and the court ruled in her favour. The 30th January ruling ordered Dhafer to compensate her KSh 8.7 million (31,825,778.15) after legal fees,” the lawyer explained.

However, the lawyer representing Judith’s family dismissed the explanation from Nile Treasure Gate, saying the firm wanted to hoodwink them.

“We leave the case to authorities and if need be, let them travel to Saudi Arabia to understand what happened,” he told NTV Uganda.

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