Your guy is your first baby on earth; pamper him every moment – GH Ladies advised

Afia Sika, one of Ghana’s top sex and relationship instructors, who also serves as a banker, has encouraged women to nurture their boyfriends or spouses since they are their first infants.


On eTV Ghana’s ‘Girl Vibes,’ Afia said that many women like being lavished with attention by their partners at all times, “but we forget that they are our first infants and we need to lavish attention on them as well.”


During a presentation on healthy relationships, she shared advice on how women may develop and maintain relationships in a positive manner. Apparently, she believes that a woman who understands how to pamper her guy would be able to keep her man.

She urged both men and women not to snoop through each other’s phones, particularly without their agreement, since this is one of the most common ways to induce a heart attack. She shared additional relationship-sustaining advice with us. According to her, “If you want to keep your relationship or your marriage going, don’t touch his or her phone.”


A final piece of advice from the sex coach was that “when you sacrifice something, you offer your everything.” If you want anything, make it known to everyone that he is the guy for the job. Make a claim on him and don’t play games with him. You should never be afraid to claim your boyfriend in front of others.”


As Afia Sika noted, maintaining a relationship needs a great deal of sacrifice, as well as the willingness of one partner to be a “fool,” in order for the relationship to work out and evolve in a healthy manner.

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